Stratford first for “The Local Food Revolution”

The Local Food Revolution launches in Stratford. Author Gord Hume (centre) presented copies to Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson (left) and OSUM Chair Norman Sandberg.

City of Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson was presented with the first copy of  The Local Food Revolution, the provocative new book by Gord Hume. The presentation took place at lunch as part of the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities conference in Stratford, Ontario on May 6.

“Stratford is one of the Canadian cities that I profiled in the book,” said Mr. Hume, who is himself a four-term veteran of municipal government.  “The community is a great example of the new Culture + Culinary equation that I present in the book, and Mayor Mathieson’s leadership in developing Stratford’s culture and local food into a significant economic spire for the city is exemplary”.

The Local Food Revolution, published by Municipal World, is the first book to identify the issues, opportunities and challenges faced by local governments in Canada and the United States with and because of food.  “The reality is that food is driving so many municipal decisions these days, and most Council members and senior staff don’t even realize that,” said Mr. Hume.

“Gord has distinguished himself as one of the real leaders in municipal government and community cultural planning,” stated Mayor Mathieson.  “Stratford was honoured to be chosen as one of the cities to be featured in his book, and it confirms our city’s success in Culinary Tourism.”

The new book deals with food issues ranging from eating local to landfill problems, from childhood obesity to community health issues, from downtown rejuvenation to how cities have traditionally designed subdivisions.

“The reality is, as a society today, we have become fat, sick and dying,” says Hume, “and part of the problem – and part of the solution – lies within our city halls.”


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