Change leaders – will your city make the list?

Is your city one that can inspire ideas, implement change and then communicate change to markets and stakeholders? Do you ever wonder which cities are leaders in change worldwide? 2thinknow, an innovation agency based in Melbourne, Australia, is finding the answers to that question – and wants to have input from your city.

Now in its 4th year, the Innovation Cities Index 2010 provides the largest multi-sector, multi-city ranking and score of cities. Rather than dealing with a single issue, the IC Index measures the ability of cities to respond to social and economic change. Last year’s winner was Boston, with Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec placing well in North America. In previous years Vienna had won. Will it be Boston again, or Paris, or San Francisco or Amsterdam, or an Asian city this year?

By taking a broad-based view of innovation – that encompasses environmental factors, cultural assets, human infrastructure, networked markets, jobs, business/commerce, start-ups and government – the Index aims to provide a reliable measure of actual innovation. Not every city can win, of course, but the top 75 nexus and hub cities are particularly good destinations for innovation.

2thinknow is inviting city governments and civic associations to send materials and information about their city to Submissions should be submitted by June 30, but the absolute last cut-off is July 15th, as the Index is scheduled to be launched last week of July 2010. Full information about the 2010 Index is available on the website.



  1. Christopher Hire · June 22, 2010

    Thanks Susan for the mention, and support as always.

    There is a new site for the Innovation Cities Analysis Report which explains the rankings and benchmarking of cities. See

    We will be launching some more sites with free resources shortly, including downloads.

    Keep innovating,

    Christopher Hire
    Executive Director


  2. Sam Roen · June 24, 2010

    Here’s a link where cities can submit information:

    We are collecting brochures on all cities. Please send your cool brochures on your city and info to:
    GPO BOX 3375

    you can contact us anytime at talk AT 2thinknow DOT com

    There are over 256 cities scored- this year should be at least 281 cities.




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